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June 7, 2011


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I am going to showcase a variety of Fractal Wallpapers guaranteed to knock your socks off. There will be something for everyone... From Floral and Nature, Patterns and Light, Abstracts and Surreal, To Space and Shiny Treasure..
So sit back and prepare to be WOWED!!!!!!
Dance of the Dusk by magnusti78 WALL Nuoevo by Kosciarz Winters finery by teddybearcholla Christmas Abstract by Frankief Translucent Autumn by Mookiezoolook Silk Flowers on Starry Sky by LaraBLN Rosered by Frankief WP - Sunrise on a rose by SaTaNiA Butterfly Orchid IV by patrx MORNING GLORY MORNING by 1arcticfox light version by live2b  Mystical Tree by Sya
AutomicMushroom by Frankief
Optical Illusion-WTC-webapoMIG by marthig Denizens of the Deep II by patrx Plankton Wallpaper by Colliemom Jellyfish Fields by kuzy62 Apophysis Sea by Gibson125 Swimming by Thelma1 Barnacles on ship wreck by AnnaKirsten goraz_art by atilazz Ultima WP by Lilyas Flight of the Phoenix by thedarkenedlight Autumn sparrows by teddybearcholla Phoenix Rising by morningstar3878

Heavy Seas - Wall by onebadpenny Wave Wallpaper by manapi :thumb185801774: Catch the wave by teddybearcholla gerdbad by atilazz The Dragon's Flesh by Fangfingers Morning sunlight 1600 by teddybearcholla

Space and Science Fiction:
Desert Spires by milleniumsentry Nostalgia by OutThisLife Hang On by OutThisLife
Gibson Nebula by Gibson125:thumb208357579:Simi Nebula by Casperium
The Dancing Nebula DD by CasperiumEpic WS by Casperium Golden Galaxy by Brigitte-Fredensborg El Radar by Baddad my crown by Botolinus Conception by norif All of Us Are Star Stuff by nmsmith Fabric Of The Universe by Aeires The Curtains of Heaven by nmsmith Indigo by Blue-Child Synergy by zy0rg Polar Ice by teddybearcholla Copper Sun by jimmytc25 periplo_A wallpapa by adn-pera Magnetic field by kr0mat1k 11 01 29 A by penny5775 Panorama wallpaper 1600x1200 by TomWilcoxMetropolis by Frankief

Forces of Good and Evil:
Eagles Eye by bandit4edu The Underworld by Thelma1 Apocalypse by Taser-Rander The devil has horns by teddybearcholla
Alien Soul by timothy-vincent Molten Fury by onebadpenny

Strawberries and Mint -WP by Fiery-Fire Whipped by Thelma1 Aztec Sun by MichaelFaber Nature Finds A Way by Aeires Gnarly Blue IFS by Gibson125 Party Time - For Lorrie by FracFx Ancient Artifact by JoelFaber uf1074 by 0Encrypted0 Fire Escape by NatalieKelsey fire within by onebadpenny Reptilian by kr0mat1k Stone Halls by ClaireJones Twisted Splits by HBKerr Snapped Crackle by et149 Here Be Dragons by trystianity PSYCHEDELIC TARTAN by 1arcticfox Fashion trend by hmn stitcheroo by onebadpenny Deeper by ClaireJones Found by ChiliSan Entwined Wallpaper by Colliemom 09 09 05 A by penny5775 Spirals Waves . WallPaper by Kaeltyk fractal nature - wallpaper by dolma33 EYEBALL BENDER by live2b Color Fandango by Gibson125 uf1089a by 0Encrypted0 Elevator by ClaireJones Rainbow 4a by gitte Rollerball by Actionjack52 Inverted 2 by VickyM72 :thumb58985574: TOTALLY OFF PLUMB by live2b Pink Scallop WP by hallv5 Dance of the Veils Wallpaper by Colliemom Happy Bubbly by Chazagirl Geometry Realized by Nestalgica

Abstract, Light and Surreal:
:thumb162783823: Apo 138 by Gerda1946 What's Yours is Mine by DeeRose Nabla 002 by f--l--A--r--k Steampunk Juli-WP by Fiery-Fire -To-Be-Free-Wallpaper- by silwenka Floating Over Tile by GypsyH Flash by zy0rg Flood My Mind by Mischievous-Eyes Orange Touch by Yenkoff Structure by magnusti78 Shamans Journey 46 by love1008 Symphony of Motion by denise-g :thumb189484687: Baltic Dawn by Nestalgica Sun Kissed Hills by deepbluerenegade Green Eyed Monster by milleniumsentry seashore of the mind by NatalieKelsey Gauzy Bouquet -swirly3D by marthig Splash by milleniumsentry Fractal Cubism Wallpaper by rocamiadesign Colors of the Season by kuzy62 River of pearls by hmn Apophysis Dream Sequence by Gibson125 Rainbow licks WP by AndreiPavel WP - Crayons by SethraLavode Merging Apophysis by Gibson125 Eye of Centers by Fangfingers 3D cubes by coby01 turn to stone by Fiery-Fire The Chain Wallpaper by Colliemom Squeeze Play III by Gibson125 Tropical Splits by HBKerr Light at the end-ApoWTC B-W by marthig Well, Hello Dali by FracFx plasma by capiogwapo Outer Reaches by ArtistInWaiting FractalPSART by Tamilia Drawn To Light by cothe notebook 2 by el-Uman Blue Flame by Baddad The death of  Betelgeuse by teddybearcholla Light effect by hmn periplo_D wallpapa by adn-pera Soft blue by Joakaha Color Convolutions by Gibson125 curve by donnalorelei Free-WP-Celestial Oxygen by snow-valkyrie  Whips  :: 1680 by 1050 by Dean-McDonald Fractal Way by Pantoja Electric Ladder by TwilightAmbiance Green by zy0rg Fireworx by teddybearcholla crossing by nad451 echo by donnalorelei Compaginate 1 by ShippD Creamsicle by Gibson125 streaming autumn by donnalorelei roundflowers by coby01 Geometric Wallpaper 022310 by hallv5 Truchet Ball by VickyM72 Therein Lies Madness by laurengary Refinement by Kymemy A Wish for Peace for Thelma1 by luffsfromafriend SIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE light by live2b uf1882 by 0Encrypted0 Spreading Illusions by Fabio-S Cyber Queen by Smattila Solar winds by teddybearcholla Odyssey by OutThisLife Talisman V Origin of life by hmn White Feather Shield by Thelma1 NightShade Wall by onebadpenny TRON the new generation by Fiery-Fire Speed by AnnaKirsten First MB by ShippD Technologica Electronica by Steell

Pumapunku by FracFx My small pink heart - WP by Fiery-Fire Sacsayhuaman by FracFx Abstract Fractal by nmsmith Hidden Treasures by Frankief Imperial Emerald by Frankief Lovesnow by Hadarniel
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GypsyH Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconwowplz: This is one amazing feature that I missed. Thank you for including my art! :hug:
Casperium Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
You are very welcome!
iVereor Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2011
Whoa, simply AMAZING :D Thank you
Casperium Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
sevenofeleven Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2011
Great selection of fractals.
Casperium Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
piglet365 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2011
You are so is the most amazing gallery of work. Thank you so much for collecting it all together to give us so much pleasure and introduce us to other wonderful artists. Fabulous!!
Casperium Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
I am glad you enjoyed them!
FracFx Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
awesome features, thanks for including mine in it :hug:
Casperium Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
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